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Princess Sophia’s Turkish Holiday


Once upon a time, long before Princess Sophia met her prince, married him and learned the ways of royalty, she was but a normal Swedish girl with a normal Swedish life. She grew up in Älvdalen, a town with a mere total of 2000 inhabitants whose main claim to fame is their almost unintelligible dialect.

But Sophia had ambitions that would take her to faraway places. One such place was Turkey, a cheap alternative for those looking for a cheeky holiday filled with booze, foam parties and other forms of affordable decadence.

The clip below apparently comes from an interview on Turkish TV. The Turkish reporter boogies onto the dance floor and asks a few questions and concludes the interview with the words: “Sophia, I think you are the best!

Well, I for one agree. Sophia you were as smashing as middle class as you are royalty.