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President Trump’s great wall might never amount to much more than a leaky fence. The White House communications team is doing its utmost to sell the idea that a rock solid wall is about to go up along the border towards Mexico, but it all comes down to definitions. And funding.

Last week White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tweeted out a a series of photos showing levee walls and see-through border fences. These are the type of hindrances that illegal aliens and drug runners already today are negotiating without much effort. Spicer went on to argue that the president: “just negotiated a spending deal where we can build these.”

Spicer is right to a certain extent. The spending bill does include financing of levee walls and fencing but it won’t nearly cover the costs necessary to build the kind of wall that the president talked about on the campaign trail.

Political analysts are already speculating that failure to proceed construction of a serious wall might hurt the the president and the Republican Party. Mid term elections are coming up in 2018 and if the wall project ends in a failure Trump could face problems in the Rust Belt states which secured him a win in the presidential election. One of the main reasons these states did turn red in the election was Trump’s repeated promise to secure the southern border.

Democrats couldn’t wish for a better present than Trump’s wall project turning into a fiasco.